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I had fun until the rng would place the dots on top of the triangles paths. It's not really possible to predict or counter. Nice aesthetic. I notice my browser lags up a bit idk if you can optomize the game a bit more. It seems pretty simple already.

I should also say that my pc is top of the line and should have 0 problems.

I enjoyed it, but I think it needs more of a challenge. The upgrades are fine but the enemies should have some more uumf.

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I feel what others are saying. I think this is definitely for more acquired taste. I don't think this song is one that you can instantly be down with unless you have consumed others like it. Very well done work on the song.

FM8 is a good wobble program.

carl565 responds:

I own both and Massive is better in my opinion. I havent really used FM8, so it could actually be better. Thanks for your review!

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Simple aesthetic, cute design. Would prefer a more dynamic pose in the future.

Omegamandan responds:

Yee you right.

I suppose I'll give like an actual review. It can be hard for artists that are very prolific and whose style is already refined to this point.

This has so much depth, which can be hard to do in this style. The way your anatomy is exaggerated gives so much intrigue to the silhouette, as well as the dynamic pose. I notice your colors of her and the background start harmonious at the bottom of the page, but up top the warm background contrasts her skin and hair while also mirroring the warm highlight at the bottom of her shirt.

I have been trying to look for an imperfection and at most I think that the length of her index on HER right side is super long, not just compared to her other hand where it is way shorter, but it's just pretty long for a finger to be. The shadows her shirt has on her breasts aren't extreme enough maybe. But that one is nitpickey.

Great piece.

The head on its own looks good. But together with that body it looks uncomfortable and jarring. But this piece is like candy everywhere else. The mane, tail, and wings are stunningly beautiful.

In time you will know what it's like to lose.

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